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How-To Live with Less for Tiny House Living

A very small house

How to Minimize Belongings for Tiny House Living The big challenge for most people who want to start a new life in a tiny house is getting rid of all their stuff. It’s so easy to have more than you need if you've got the space for it. And even … [Continue reading]

Design Benefits of Tiny House Life

Bridge Control House

Space Efficiency The small house movement has been building momentum over the past handful of years. Tiny houses are relatively inexpensive in many ways, making them affordable for people effected by recent disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, as well … [Continue reading]

Live in Wonder


Living on Maui provides no ordinary moments.  For me it's been a realization that every day and everyone you meet is a new chance to reinvent yourself by helping others and sometimes, asking for help... Recently I met with Eric Saperston at … [Continue reading]

Podcasting from Paradise


I am conducting a survey asking just three short questions: 1. What device might you use to listen to a Podcast? 2. What length of Podcast is just right for you? 3. What Podcast topics would be you like to hear discussed? Click here to … [Continue reading]

The Tiny House Movement


Big Update: Hawaii is the next Big Wave for Tiny Houses! Here is just a small taste of the wide variety of stuff going on with the Tiny House Movement. I estimate that in the next few years Tiny Houses will be in ecovillages and rural … [Continue reading]