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How the Grinches stole Christmas and we’re all getting Scrooged!

who100Despite the love-affair with “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, the last 40 years have seen wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich in record amounts. This unfortunate situation has created enormous disadvantages for most Americans. In other words, don’t expect dividends, higher wages, Christmas bonuses or jobs under your tree this year because the Grinches and Scrooges in America have been too selfish for too long.

Who’s Who in Whoville?

Scrooge: a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend, a hoarder of money; one that does not reinvest in people or circulate wealth back into the economy; a greedy-corporation or individual.

Grinch: a person or company that is mean-spirited and unfriendly; someone who selfishly takes advantage of other people for profits regardless of any possible harm to society; a government or corporate entity that preys on people.

Bob Cratchit: symbolic of underpaid employees, poor working conditions, especially without benefits, no retirement, and low wages by comparison to the Scrooges.

Whoville: a place, symbolic of American Society, where the Whos live, as opposed to the selfishly palatial mansions and gated communities of the Grinches.

The Whos: a whimsical, innocent people who live in unpretentious houses, and are known for their warm hearts and welcoming spirits; generous to a fault.

The wealth inequality debate is fairly complicated. In fact, wealth inequality is a rather problematic term for a fairness movement, especially when it really means simply, “reasonable economic fairness”. But the Whos in Whoville and the Bob Cratchit’s in our modern society aren’t asking for a handout, they just want to level the playing field, make a reasonable living, and to live free from the disadvantages the rich have over the poor.

A Scrooge is a Grinch and a Grinch is a Scrooge.

The problem with Today’s Scrooges and Grinches is that they don’t reinvest their profits in large part to endeavors that create jobs and wealth at the lower end of the wage ladder. The cycle of financial investment into the economy actually begins at the bottom and works its way upward in a cold calculated and expeditious manner to the coffers of the rich. Not a trickle-down economy as some suggest.

The Scrooges in American society have ridden upon the hard-working backs of the Bob Cratchits and the ones who suffer are the Whos; Bob, his wife Emily, Martha, Belinda, Peter, Matthew, Lucy and especially little Tiny Tim. The Scrooges and Grinches have ignored Bob’s well-being and the health and welfare of Bob’s family by paying them low wages and not investing in them. Bob is forced to work more than one job, and now Emily has to go out and find work too. Bob and Emily can’t afford to send Martha to college, so she stays home to take care of the younger kids because both her parents are absent. Bob and Emily can’t afford the Healthcare that Tiny Tim needs, so they struggle to pay for medication that at least keeps the pain away for a little while. It’s rough and tough in Whoville when the Whos don’t have enough.

Meanwhile, the last 40 years have seen Bob and Emily’s rent go higher and higher. The cost of living keeps rising and wages remain stagnant and under–employment is commonplace. The value of the US Dollar keeps going down making the rising inflation even worse for the Whos.

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind —  Dr. Suess

Are we being Scrooged?

who200It should be obvious by now that corporations and wealthy companies are taking advantage by evading corporate taxes, pilfering from retirement funds, breaching the public trust by lobbying for laws not in Who best interests, fraudulently skimming profits off the sweating brow of poor Whos via embezzlement, misappropriation, peculation, and defalcation by deceptive means. All committed by the top 10% of wealthy corporations and individuals (Grinches and Scrooges), unchecked by our own elected government.

I wear the chain I forged in life….I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it — Charles Dickens

All this forgiven because the Stock Market is hovering at record highs, corporate profits are enjoying the best years in history, and the rich keep getting richer. Regardless of the fact that that wealth doesn’t trickle down to the bottom 90% of America. Profits are gained of course, but the general public isn’t benefiting from them. Jobs aren’t being created by corporations. The only jobs being created are because of consumers.

A Christmas Carol-The MusicalThe rich don’t pass the poor Whos in the street, they have drivers and pilots to take them everywhere nice and neat. So they can easily avoid the sight of poverty in Whoville. The wealthy corporations and individuals live in a different world then the rest of us. Unlike the Scrooges of yesterday, today’s wealthy have learned that being rich has it’s privileges and advantages, more options and less obstacles then the Whos in Whoville reluctantly endure. They get the best of everything; housing, food, clothing, water, healthcare, transportation, energy, entertainment and the least obligation to actually perform physical work or mental effort. Today’s Scrooges delegate those responsibilities to mostly underpaid Whos, so they can enjoy the high life without troubles, trifles, or any of those noisy Whoville recitals.

And will you succeed? Yes! You will indeed! 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed — Dr. Suess

How the Grinches stole Christmas and we’re getting Scrooged!

Much like the Scrooges in society, Grinches take-take-take with a heart that is two sizes too small. To the Grinch, the poor Whos are just noise-noise-noise which is why the Grinches live in expensive gated communities far away from the Who-protests, high-density apartment complexes, and little Who-barrios where more than 90% of Whos live. The poor, including the Cindy-Lous (Cindy-Lou Who, being only 2, is the most adorable Who in Whoville), struggle to make-make-make more money to pay-pay-pay the bills, and to get ahead they go into debt-debt-debt. You see, the wealthy have been nickle-and-diming the Dickens out of the rest of us for many years! This has resulted in a Whoville filled with Whos that are too tired, broke and just don’t have the time to escape poverty, and instead devote their entire lives to Who survival (Who-paycheck to Who-paycheck).

Christmas used to be about Who-families, Who-friends and generosity in the Who-community—or at least that’s what we all want it to be about. Somewhere over the years we got Scrooged into thinking we had to have double-Who-incomes, two-car Who-garages and the latest, most expensive Who-cars regardless of our Who-salaries or Who-savings. The Grinch surreptitiously created ways to get the Whos addicted and the cost of living a Who-life got expensive. All that wealth has been redistributed from the Whos to the Scrooges and Grinches and what’s left is not very merry at all. Now it turns out that the Whos are have-nots and the Grinches and Scrooges have-lots.

What are we going to do about the Whos?

Enough is enough and those Grinches and Scrooges have plenty and the Whos have-not a lot despite the earnings they’ve sought, the stuff they’ve bought, the struggle they’ve fought, seemingly all for not. The time for a better Whoville and more prosperous Whos is of course right now! The Whos, after all, contribute to the community and the economy, with much more autonomy, and commonly invest to improve the economy constantly. The Whos don’t take-take-take, they make-make-make for the future’s sake. The Grinches and Scrooges must be made to pay-pay-pay more wages to the Whos and taxes to Whoville so the community as a whole can invest in the Whos and Who lives, Who families and Who health, and even Who futures too.

Is it too late, so soon? I’m tired of waiting for Christmas past, present and future to teach the Scrooges and Grinches a lesson. It’s time for the Whos of Whoville to rise up and demand “reasonable economic fairness” and an end to the endless Scrooging of the Cratchits and all the Who Whos!

And by the way, you’re a Who.

Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand — Dr. Suess


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