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Design Benefits of Tiny House Life

Bridge Control HouseSpace Efficiency

The small house movement has been building momentum over the past handful of years. Tiny houses are relatively inexpensive in many ways, making them affordable for people effected by recent disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, as well as the financial troubles caused by the collapse of the housing market that started in 2007.

Besides the financial benefits, many people have realized that having more space doesn’t mean having a better space. Tiny houses are usually designed with extreme care, ensuring that everything necessary can fit into a very small space. The restrictions of small houses have lead to ingenious solutions and incredibly efficiency.

Minimalist Designs for Small Spaces

Architects of tiny houses are usually very enthusiastic about the work they do, because they can use their skills to create something unique and efficient. How can you have a great kitchen with just a few square feet of space? Some architects use elements that are smaller themselves, such as tiny, two-ring, electric stovetops that double as counter space when they’re not in use. You can find incredibly small dishwashers that are no bigger than a microwave. These tiny items save space while providing what the owner wants or needs.

treehouseYou can also find tiny houses designed around standard sized appliances, using clever techniques for tucking them away and saving space. A standard stove top can be fitted with a wooden cover that acts as a cutting board. Counters can slide out from inside the wall, or fold down into the space for use. There are many ways to use a small amount of space for different purposes if you think differently about tables, chairs, and surfaces.

Storage Solutions in Tiny Houses

There are two ways to combat storage issues. The first is to reduce the amount of stuff that you own, so you don’t actually need to store things. Tiny house living uses the constraints of space to encourage the reduction of belongings. This minimalism can bring about psychological benefits which consumer cultures (like ours) don’t recognize.

Fall and winter, side by side.The second solution is to design storage spaces that have two jobs. Design solutions in tiny houses often include this kind of double duty. The main space of a tiny home often doubles as both bedroom and living room, with some ingenious conversion design that allows the owner to transform their space comfortably. So how do storage solutions get incorporated?

  • Maximization of wall storage opportunities
  • Furniture that doubles as storage space
  • Islands or peninsulas that expand outwards, revealing hidden storage areas
  • No staircases without storage inside or underneath
  • No countertops that don’t have storage underneath

Many tiny house owners find ways to hang things that would otherwise be stored in cupboards, including things like kitchen appliances!

Tiny house.Design Play

Many people start out wanting a tiny house because it feels practical and unique. But they end up learning about the many design elements that make tiny homes feel almost magical. Finding the right combination of efficient design features is actually a lot of fun, turning restrictions into exciting challenges and beautiful design fixes that make a tiny house into a cozy home.


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