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Hawaii is the next Big Wave for Tiny Houses

When I moved to Maui in 2009, I had no idea affordable housing was in such short supply. There are plenty of empty apartments and houses, but purchasing a home or renting in Hawaii is not a matter of supply and demand, it’s based entirely on what the market will bear. And apparently the bears […]

Rare glimpse of Maui’s upscale Real Estate

Ever thought about looking into the upscale housing market on Maui? (Who hasn’t, right?) This year, I was invited to attend Hawaii Life’s WorthShop #3, a high end real estate event held at the Four Seasons in Wailea. Dano Sayles, well known and highly experienced Maui realtor, started the evening off right with a tour […]

13 travel movies that will inspire you to quit your job and go somewhere different

To see the world, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Have you been feeling a bit stuck in your routines? With a lot of opportunity comes a lot of indecision. We know that we’re capable of making big changes or going […]

How the Grinches stole Christmas and we’re all getting Scrooged!

Despite the love-affair with “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, the last 40 years have seen wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich in record amounts. This unfortunate situation has created enormous disadvantages for most Americans. In other words, don’t expect dividends, higher wages, Christmas bonuses or jobs under your tree this year because […]

How-To Live with Less for Tiny House Living

How to Minimize Belongings for Tiny House Living The big challenge for most people who want to start a new life in a tiny house is getting rid of all their stuff. It’s so easy to have more than you need if you’ve got the space for it. And even when you’ve used up the […]

Design Benefits of Tiny House Life

Space Efficiency The small house movement has been building momentum over the past handful of years. Tiny houses are relatively inexpensive in many ways, making them affordable for people effected by recent disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, as well as the financial troubles caused by the collapse of the housing market that started in 2007. Besides […]