it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay


newacimagePeople often say, “Erik you’re Everywhere”. That’s true on many levels, especially on social media and Maui. A self-proclaimed geek, Erik has been ‘tinkering and traveling with technology’ for many years.   As a social media influencer, event promoter and writer, Erik has successfully used his talents in social media to garner support for many projects worldwide.

Travel to find yourself – I’m a strong supporter of travel for the sake of self-awareness and education. So much in going on in the world that our self-indulgent Americanized society isn’t aware of. In fact, I think travel is a better education than college.

Tiny House aficionado – I believe that affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges in today’s society. The obstacles to reducing poverty and ending hunger depend on lowering the cost of housing, increasing the value of the dollar, increasing wages and/or reducing the high cost of living. One solution is to, as a society, allow, encourage and permit small-scale alternative housing. The Tiny House movement is one such solution.

Wealth Inequality – It’s not about stopping people from making profits or substituting capitalism with socialism, it’s about removing greed from the equation. It’s about people, not corporations and how we can choose to raise the bar for prosperity and progress without leaving behind suffering and poverty.

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